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God this is all I’m thinking about right now and its driving me crazy, you just left and it already feels like forever….how could i meet someone so right at such the wrong time, why does there have to be an age Difference that bothers you, who cares about age? Its just a number, and four is a very small one in the scale of the universe and all of the infinite things that can happen, we work already, and we’re just knowing eachother better,a kiss is private and special, but not the end all be all of the journey, no need for brakes when we haven’t even hit the gas yet right? So please I’m praying that didn’t bother you as much as I’m thinking it did, you said wow, you weren’t expecting that, yet you’d already kissed me,i had been expecting it, i had.all day, there were so many oppurtunitys.. And you enjoyed it, i saw it in your smile, it was a sensual long kiss that happened a few times, yet you feel the need to say, you want to take it slow, I’m a little young for you, i say I’m sorry i know, you say i shouldn’t apologize for my age, but its obviously something that warranted an apology if i thought i had to say one, so what is this? Getting to know a friend or getting to realize eachother? There is a huge difference  If you dont want this, please stop mixing signals and be straight with me, because i will not waste my time only to be hurt again. And im already hurting, so whats going to happen? I wish i could explain all of this too you…..



I love vintage stuff but I’m so glad I can enjoy them in the 21st century with my iphone, wifi and slightly more human rights 

somebody gets it.

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Sunsets: Breathtaking Nature The famous Matterhorn by Stefan Forster via Tumblr

piano by tara.biglari on Flickr.

stars shine here